• Kalithea High-End Mall

    Prime location & exclusive build.

About the Property

The build is at a commercial district of Kallithea located at 99 Eleftherios Venizelos Street and also enjoys a second front on 74 Ag. Panton Street. The double facade ensures convenient access to the public and high visibility of shops and businesses within the complex.

Composed of two buildings, a one storey and five storey structure, the build spans 2.200 m ˛. The two buildings can house apartments or offices, 100 m ˛, each with their own balcony. At the ground level the Mall connects Eleftherios Venizelos Str. with Ag. Panton Str. forming a portico while providing a shortcut between the two roads through the internal atrium.

The atrium that connects the two buildings is visible from all floors of the complex making it an ideal location to operate a café. At the basement of the complex extensive parking space and additional storage space is provided.