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The Company

Ikin S.A. Office

IKIN S.A. is a Hellenic construction company with presence in both regional and international markets.

The founders, Nikos Rotskos and John Samaras, are accomplished 'veterans' in the field. They have held the highest-ranking executive positions while involved in extensive large-scale high-impact construction projects, both in the Public and Private sector, for a period spanning over 35 years.

ATERMON S.A. (est. 1973) is amongst the largest Greek construction companies and specialises in the Industry, Energy and Infrastructure sectors, focusing on complex technical projects. ATERMON S.A. is active in Greece, as well as, Europe and the Middle East.

The Team

Nikos Rotskos

Senior Civil Engineer

John Samaras

Senior Electrical-Mechanical Engineer

Atermon S.A.

Specialist Construction Company

Gabriel Rotskos

Civil Engineer

Financial Data

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